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Twitter Shuts Down Thunderclap Lightning-Fast

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Earlier today, we wrote about a pretty viral app—Thunderclap, which enables users to tweet the same thing simultaneously, en masse, in order to call out a specific person or draw attention to a certain cause. (The first and second Thunderclaps were directed at Congress members, for example.) But as we suspected might happen, Twitter has shut the brand-new service down after only its second day in operation. Read More

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If a Tweet Falls In the Forest…

Mr. Bajwa. (Photo: Twitter)

Twitter has proven to be an effective way for the average Internet user to get @ your favorite NBA player or indie rocker. And yet as the site grows, the noise of individual tweets is being drowned out. Enter Thunderclap, a Twitter app from Chinatown-based De-De (for “design and development,” not the Chinese word for “little brother”).

Yesterday, Rolling Stone writer, noisemaker and hero-journalist Matt Taibii sent out the inaugural Thunderclap at noon, causing 1,921 people to tweet simultaenously at Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) in order to entreat the pair to keep their hands off the Dodd-Frank Act (and also plug Mr. Taibbi’s recent article, “How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform“). The tweets were exposed to a combined 4 million people, Thunderclap estimates.

Thunderclap is a platform for people who want to send a directed petition signed by a crowd of people to a specific person or group via Twitter. Post a tweet, state your case, and ask others to join you—and if they do, it’ll trigger a mass of identical tweets all at the same time. Somewhat like Kickstarter, the app requires a message to reach a tipping point for the trick to work. Hopeful Thunderclappers must set a minimum number of supporters—Mr. Taibbi set his at 500—and a timeframe to reach the goal. If no one’s interested, the Thunderclap fails. Read More