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JackThreads Just Had Its Highest Sales Month Ever: ‘We Don’t Give the Store Away’

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If there were a word cloud for recent ecommerce reports, it would be shaped like a mushroom cloud with “over-hyped” “implosion,” “froth,” “down rounds,” and “suck it, America, Europe does it better,” all in extra large font.

So we weren’t expecting to hear that JackThreads, the men’s ecommerce site acquired by Thrillist in 2010, had its best revenue month ever in February, even bigger than typically high-selling holiday months. Growth in new members was up 366 percent year-over-year and double the growth in number of new users joining in November and December of 2012. Read More


Thrillist Is Now a Media Group, as Was Inevitable

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Two weeks ago, the father-son startup team of Ben and Ken Lerer appeared on a panel together for the Paley Center for Media and quibbled over semantics. Thrillist, a business based on an email list, spunky writing and a brand for the urban man, is a media company, young Lerer insisted, and today he made it official. Thrillist, local deals platform Thrillist Rewards and Thrillist-aquiree JackThreads are converging into one glorious man-brand monster: Thrillist Media Group, with a collective audience of four million men.

“We’ve been thinking like this for a few months now and starting to take these ideas out to market,” CEO Ben Lerer told Betabeat today, citing a campaign with McDonalds that spanned the Thrillist and JackThreads platforms. “Internally we’ve all known it’s been happening.” Read More