They See Me Trollin'

Anonymous Group Posts Bomb Threat for Nov. 5, Pisses off Anonymous


A group claiming affiliation with Anonymous posted a bomb threat on its Twitter account Monday, saying it plans to detonate a bomb in a government building on November 5. The threat prompted disavowals from other Anon channels across the web.

The threat was linked from @FawkesSecurity, which posted the following message on several paste-up sites, as well as links to a seemingly typical Anonymous video with a masked and suited figure gesturing as a robotic voice said these words: Read More

Privacy Police

Twitter Refuses NYPD Request for Info on User Threatening to Shoot Up Midtown Theater

(Photo: Scott Beale, Laughing Squid)

When a NYPD request for information is about a fairly minor legal issue like a disorderly conduct arrest during a massive protest, it seems easy to side with the privacy protectors in defense of Twitter’s actions to refuse to cough up that info. But what if the NYPD requests information for a user reportedly threatening to stage a massacre in a Broadway theater showing a Mike Tyson play? That makes things a little dicier, huh? Read More