CEO Admits He Created Fake Identities To Get Press Coverage

Mr. Anderson (LinkedIn)

Meet Jamie Anderson. He’s an Internet marketer in Edinburgh, Scotland, who claims his ingenious “reverse graffiti” campaign helped him earn press coverage and new clients for his SEO company. But in reality, his campaign was completely unremarkable — he only got the media attention by lying to the press.

Back in November 2013, Mr. Anderson used reverse graffiti to advertise his SEO company, RNR SEO. In case you’re not familiar with the “old media” advertising technique, “reverse graffiti” is the act of creating words and images on grimy surfaces by strategically washing away sections of dirt — like if you used your finger to write “BETABEAT WUZ HERE” on a dusty car window. Read More

App for That

This App Lets You Secretly Leave Annoying Group Texts


Is there anything more annoying than being stuck in a group text about your second cousin’s bridal shower, and getting updated every time someone sends a message debating the pros and cons of bridal bingo? No. There is not.

Thankfully, there’s a new solution for that: GroupXiT, an app that lets you stealthily remove yourself from group texting threads you’re no longer interested in. Additionally, if there’s a person in the conversation who’s really annoying you — maybe someone’s using way too many wedding-themed hashtags — the app also lets you stop seeing their messages in the thread on your phone. Read More


Netflix Tries to Convince Us That ‘Netflix Adultery’ is a Real Thing

Oh. (Photo: Hashgram)

Here’s apparently a real problem that’s affecting those lucky enough to be in a relationship: “Netflix Adultery.” The condition, as coined by the Cut, is when a partner watches ahead or finishes a television show instead of waiting to watch it with their significant other on the streaming service. 

Of the 2,000 American adults polled, who convinced themselves this was a legitimate issue, about 12 percent confessed to this unforgivable act of adultery. And you could be living with a cheater without even knowing it: 51 percent said they would watch a program even though they agreed to wait for their partner.  Read More