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iPad Investigation Shows How Often Ladies Check Out Your Biceps and Undercarriage [Video]


It reassures some people to relegate women to the “fairer sex,” a daintier species given to bursts of song or lasting relationships built on meaningful connections and looking deep into their partner’s eyes. But as ThinkModo, the attention-courting ad firm behind the iPad Girl stunt and Central Park proposal hoax, found out in a jaunt through the city, actually, on occasion, women are inclined to look elsewhere. Science-ish! Read More

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Hearst’s iPad Head Girl Explained


Last week the lunch crowd at Bryant Park were treated to a bizarre vision: a pretty girl in an orange dress . . . with a four iPads affixed to a helmet of sorts on her head. The screen of each iPad displayed the respective part of her head–front, back, left side, right side–as though it were moving in real-time.  The effect was arresting. As it turned out, it was a promotion for Heart’s new Cosmo For Guys iPad app. Perhaps they picked Bryant Park to scare the competition? After all that’s awwwwwfully close to Conde Nast headquarters at 4 Times Square.

In any case, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) has an interesting video about how the helmet was made. The campaign was created by a local ad firm, Thinkmodo, but Clockwork Apple was responsible for the “helmet/head.” They created the illusion by recording individual videos of each side of the model walking through Bryant Park beforehand then displaying them on the iPad screens. Read More


The Times Square Hack, For Realz This Time


Viral pranksters ThinkModo scored a big hit recently with their video hoax showing  man hacking the big screens in Times Square using just his iPhone.

Turns out Adi Isakovic, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, actually built technology that will do just that, he even pitched it to MTV last fall.

The buzz from ThinkModo’s video helped Isakovic score some screen time to test his product, TubeMote.

This is his second chance at redemption. Back when he was 16, Isakovic invented an interactive video screen to be installed in the back of cabs, but never got that project off the ground. New York really hates this guy. Read More


ThinkModo’s Goes Worldwide Viral With Latest Hoax


“We’ve had hits before, but this is a grandslam,” says James Percelay of his firm’s latest video exploit, a short film purporting to show a man hacking the video screens in Times Square. “We hit a million views in 72 hours and became the number one most tweeted video, currently the number one viral video in 50 countries around the world.” Read More