Crime and Punishment

Man Busted for Stealing Church Computer When He Tries to Disable Porn Blocking Software

Troy Ridling. (Photo: KRMG/OPD)

We don’t get the sense that Troy Ridling completely thought out his plan to steal his church’s computer to watch porn.

The setting is flyover country Oklahoma. Church employees discovered a computer (probably an old Packard Bell?) was missing, and they figured out it was an inside job since nothing was damaged and there was no sign of a break in.

It was, however, outfitted with tracking software, and so the church was notified when someone decided to take a look at some porn. Read More

This Happened

Ex-Con Who Hid Stolen iPhone Up His Butt Foiled When It Started Ringing

Juuuust right. (Photo:

There are so many ways to steal an iPhone, and unless you just like the feel of it, shoving one up your butt probably shouldn’t be one of them. An ex-con tried pulling that off last weekend by tucking the Apple device up his tush in an attempt to hide it. However, his brilliant plot was foiled after the victim located the phone via an app, which pointed out his location at a West Village police station, and retrieved it. Read More

Modern Justice

To Catch an iPhone Thief on Camera, You May Have to Jailbreak Your Phone

iThief via The Daily News

Here’s a bit of freudenschade to distract distraught Apple acolytes. A tech-savvy Queens woman caught the man who stole her iPhone on camera by installing an app called iGotYa.

Unlike Apple’s free Find My iPhone software, which shows the approximate location of the device, iGotYa will take take a photo of whenever someone’s unsuccessfully trying to unlock your iPhone and email it to the owner. So, if you throw back a few too many, chances are you’ll wake to a self-portrait in your inbox. Read More