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Ex-NBC News Producers Launch theSkimm: a Newsletter for Women to Appear Well-Read Without, Well, Reading


The siren song of Startupland, it appears, has wafted beyond Wall Street and is now calling journalists to its shores. Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin–both twenty-something New Yorkers and former producers at NBC News–left behind their careers in media to found theSkimm. The daily newsletter, which launched today, addresses the modern dilemma of media overload by digesting the news for you. In some instances, regurgitating might be more apt.

The newsletter opens with the story of the day, broken down into bite-sized segments like “What” and “Why,” followed by a short summary of the day’s top stories in a winking, chatty voice organized under rubrics like “What to say on a date” or “What to say at dinner with girlfriends” or “What to say to your boss.”  Read More