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PSA: If You’re Gonna Steal an iPad, Don’t Text the Owner ‘Thanks for the iPad’

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There’s been a lot of news recently about Apple product thieves who are rather careless when it comes to their stealing tactics. If you’re going to steal an iPad, the first thing you want to do is probably disable iCloud, lest all your pictures get sent to the original owner. The second thing you want to do is to definitely not text the owner gloating about the fact that you stole their iPad. Read More

No Thanks!

Rash of Apple Thefts Said to Include Hypodermic Needle-Wielding Bronx Bandit

Just take whatever you want, okay? (Photo:

The NYPD warned us that our precious iPhones were in danger, and they’re quickly being proven right in the most alarming manner possible. The Daily News reports that a man seems to be jacking Apple devices in the Bronx–at hypodermic-needle-point.

This isn’t even the first hypodermic needle-related crime of the week. Yesterday a bus driver got stabbed by a passenger with one. This of course poses the question of what is wrong with people?

The Daily News says the biohazardous offender has “accosted eight Bronx victims since mid-August, stealing iPhones and other electronic gadget, police say.” The neighbors sound worried, because duhRead More

True Crime

NYPD: Your Shiny New iPhone 5 is a Crime Magnet

Sorry, Russia! (Photo:

The New York Police Department has good reason to be concerned about consumers’ Apple products: theft of Apple hardware has risen 40 percent in the last year. Compare that to an overall four percent rise in crime and you have what almost sounds like a crime wave focused on iPods, iPhones and iPads.

Plenty of iThefts occur in the street, but NBC New York reports your beloved cuddle phone is in even more danger on the subway: Read More

SOPA Opera

Even Pro-Business Pundits at The Economist Declare SOPA “Draconian”

image by dettmer otto via the economist

The Economist is well and known and well regarded for its intellectual and stridently capitalist takes on everything from healthcare to governance. But when considering the new Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that is currently being debated by Congress, the magazine’s editors took the unusual stance of siding against America’s big entertainment industries.

“Compared with other countries’ anti-piracy laws, SOPA is indeed draconian,” they wrote. It’s not that international, online piracy isn’t a serious problem. But targeting the companies like AT&T and Google which provide the infrastructure for web service and search is far more damaging to consumers and the internet economy than the problem demands.  Read More

SOPA Opera

SOPA Opera – The Craziest Congressional Takes On Internet Piracy

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Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee)

The recent congressional hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) generated a tidal wave of protest online, with startups censoring their homepages, drafting petitions and Tumblr sending an astonishing 87,000 phone calls to elected officials. But the hearing itself was less of a success. Many of the members of the House Judiciary Committee seemed amused, annoyed and downright dismissive of the anger emanating from the tech community. We gathered together some of their statements, both for and against, to give a flavor of how our lawmakers view online piracy. Read More