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Older Gamers Create Their Own Communities So They Don’t Have to Lose to ’12-Year-Old Girls from Japan’

(Photo: Old Ass Gamers)

Anyone who has ever logged onto Xbox Live is well aware of the fact that the community is littered with rage-filled tweens who think shouting homophobic epithets at unsuspecting competitors is the very height of trash talking. It’s enough to make you play all local games, especially as a woman, lest you be subjected to a slew of unimaginative insults every time you use your microphone or make a good kill. Read More

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Old People Are Coming For Your Tablets


We would write about the first time our luddite grandmother picked up an iPad–the seamless way she took to it, how the flustered confusion laptops evoked in her completely ebbed with a tablet in hand–but Chadwick Matlin already did that a few months ago at The Hairpin, and he did it oh so wonderfully. Instead, let us reflect on ZDNet’s piece today about the lure of the tablet–what makes the sleek little device suddenly so appealing to people who previously brandished their technophobia with pride? Read More