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General Assembly Hires Courtney Boyd Myers, The Next Web’s East Coast Editor

Cheerio, Ms. Myers. (Facebook)

Courtney Boyd Myers, once named the “blogger everyone knows” in the New York tech scene by Betabeat, is moving on and across the pond to take a job as General Assembly’s Director of Audience Development for the new London and Berlin campuses.

Ms. Myers, who happens to be a bikeriding, globetrotting yogi, joined The Next Web a year and a half ago. She’s written features about startups, the culture of innovation and the intersection of technology and education, including Are New Technologies Making us Happier?Why Online Education is Ready for Disruption, Now and How the Internet is Revolutionizing EducationRead More


Google Drive is Almost Here

Google is king. (

A source has informed Reuters that The Next Web’s scoop was on the money: Google’s Dropbox competitor, Google Drive, is about to happen. Reuters reports Google may announce the new service as early as Tuesday. There will be a 5 gigabyte free version with paid versions ranging up to 100 gigs. As The Next Web noted in its post about the service, the free space reportedly allotted by Google Drive beats Dropbox’s 2 free gigabytes.

Reuters also reported on one of the rumored new service’s more interesting possible features: Read More

Kickstarter Failure

Kickstarter Allegedly Bans Transmedia Artist Rachel Marone For Comment Spam From Cyberstalker [Video]

Rachel "Haywire" Marone (Screengrab from video about XFF)

Crowdfunding super site Kickstarter has benefited from an excess of good will across the web. They may take a bit of a bruising then from allegations they banned transmedia artist Rachel Marone for–as The Next Web aptly puts it–“all the wrong reasons.” In a blog post published Saturday, Ms. Marone quoted an email from Kickstarter rep “Daniella” regarding the ban:

Throughout the duration of your project, Extreme Futurists, there was an incredible amount of comment spam that several members of Kickstarter staff removed on your behalf. It has come to our attention that this comment spam has persisted at an alarming rate, and that you have engaged in conversation with the spammer. There are now over 300 spam comments that include your own engagement on your project.

This kind of activity is not allowed on Kickstarter; it violates our community guidelines. For this reason, we are removing this project from the site as well as suspending your ability to create projects.

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We Need to Make Tech Uncool Again

A gentleman from the Brogramming Facebook page

Until recently, tech was an industry primarily inhabited and represented by ponytailed geek guys. Though the sandals may still abound, the image of the modern nerd is far from nerdy: tech is cool, and not just because the products these geeks develop are so inextricably tied to our every day lives.

Effervescent wunderkinds and Ivy League golden boys are forgoing finance to wade into the tech pool with the geeks, slapping their names on any startup harnessing the Social Graph API and slipping into the most visible roles in business development, marketing and product. Hey, nerd. Move over. Read More