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Let’s Talk About Race: Pattern-Matching Is As Real In Tech Media as It Is In Silicon Valley


Twitter attempted to have a conversation about race and the tech industry yesterday. The loudest voices?  White men on either side of the argument shouting each other down. What got obscured along the way was just how much pattern-matching plays into the lack of diversity in the tech industry and the people who cover it and how that holds all of us back.

They almost made Jamelle Bouie’s point for him.

In a feature for The Magazine, Mr. Bouie examined why the mastheads of tech blogs like The Next Web, The Verge, Engadget and Gizmodo were overwhelmingly white and male. Rather than “overt racism,” he found a prohibitive combination of dependence on unpaid internships–and the network effect of a wired boys club whose members sometimes seem to be talking solely for each other’s benefit. Read More


Booting Up: Marco Gets a Magazine, New York Gets a New Media Center

Best job ever. (Photo:

Instapaper proprietor Marco Arment has launched an iPad magazine called The Magazine. It will “often, but not always, be about technology,” and it’ll run four articles (solicited just for the magazine) every two weeks. What happens when you Instapaper those articles is not clear. []

That latest update to Google StreetView adds a whopping 250,000 miles. Included are locations like Catherine Palace and Singapore’s Fort Canning Park, which seems to confirm our suspicions they’re having to look really hard for new things to photograph. [Google Maps Blog]

Speaking of Google: The company’s self-driving cars probably have more full-time lobbyists advocating on their behalf than you. [ Wall Street Journal]

The IFP–the Independent Filmmaker Project, that is–will be developing and operating a Bloomberg-approved “Made in New York” Media Center, a kind of coworking-space-cum-networking-hub where creative types can connect with entrepreneurs and new technologies. Partnering with IFP will be General Assembly, which’ll run educational programming in the space upon its opening in the spring. [IFP]