The Internet Wants to Make Me a Deranged Bridezilla


A newly betrothed Business Insider writer has a bone to pick with Facebook: Getting engaged ruined the social network for her. “Just like that, everything changed,” she reports. “Facebook knew I was betrothed. And it didn’t waste any time clogging up my news feed with ads” related to weddings, weddings and also weddings.

A few relatively-relevant ads are hardly going to make my Newsfeed any junkier than it already is. (Spotify! So-and-so shared a link! So-and-so likes Sprint!) As a newly-engaged woman, however, I’ve found the deluge of Facebook ads is only part of the story. The Internet and its advertisers, it seems, are all conspiring to make me a cuckoo-crazy-crackers bridezilla.

Here’s a brief guide to what happens once you make it official: Read More

After the Storm

Techie Do-Gooders: How NYC Startups are Helping the Sandy Relief Effort


Given recent events, Betabeat decided to forego our Rumor Roundup this week for a roundup of all the things startups are doing to help get New York back to normal following Hurricane Sandy.

It didn’t take long for New York startups and techies to spring into action after Hurricane Sandy left parts of our fine city without power, water, shelter, or Wifi.

On Tuesday, we pointed you to New York Tech Meetup and New Work City’s attempts to mobilize tech-savvy volunteers to help local businesses and organizations get networks and websites up and running. Today, NYTM put out an official call to its 28,000 members, asking for more volunteers and taking requests (online or by phone/text 646-392-7353) from government agencies, small businesses, non-profits, and schools that need help anything from data recovery to Internet connectivity to getting servers back online.

Noel Hidalgo, one of the lead volunteers of that effort, has been manning an uber-useful Sandy Coworking map of offices space for displaced techies. And New Work City founder Tony Bacigalupo, has pretty much morphed into Silicon Alley’s Cory BookerRead More

XX in Tech

It Is 2012 and Pregnant Women are Still Discriminated Against by VCs

Ugh homegirl, we have anxiety FOR you. (

Upon navigating to the front page of the New York Times website this weekend, we were happily surprised to discover that a piece about women in technology occupied the feature spot. “Nurturing a Baby and a Startup Business” chronicles the difficulties of juggling motherhood and a booming business, through the lens of a handful of New York’s lady-driven startups: The Knot, Rent the Runway and Gilt Groupe, to name a few. Read More