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Google’s New App Gives You One Less Excuse to Skip Midterm Elections

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Voter turnout is consistently much lower in midterm elections, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Press obsession and controversy always drive people in droves to come out for presidential elections, and there’s always that general feeling that there’s less at stake when you’re just deciding on one or two local politicians — most of us are much less likely to take a day off to cast a ballot for a single senator than for a slew of national representatives.

Get to the Polls is a new tool that robs you of another excuse to skip the midterms by telling you exactly where you need to go to vote. The web tool is simple: You punch in your address and it tells you where you go to vote and who’s going to be on the ballot. It’s much cleaner than Googling “where to vote,” calling hotlines and texting your number to some clunky SMS service for voters. Read More


Booting Up: Germany Says Stop Using Internet Explorer Edition

Isn't everyone at Oktoberfest, anyway? (Photo: flickr.com/maggiejane)

The government of Germany is urging citizens to stop using Internet Explorer–at least until a security hole you could drive a Volkswagen through is fixed. But who goes back to IE once they’ve switched, even for a couple of days? [Reuters]

If you must patent troll, it’s important to get a few basic technological details correct. GitHub and Rackspace are different entities. [Wired]

It’s official–tech companies including Amazon, Yahoo, and Facebook are joining forces to form The Internet Association, their very own lobbying shop. [TNW]

Do not shell out $1,600 on eBay just to have the iPhone 5 a few days early. That would make you a chump. [CNET]

A visit to the Ace Hotel: “‘I’m just trying to figure out who those people are and do they have jobs,’ said Chip Morrow, a lawyer from Memphis, staying at the hotel while trying a prescription drug case. ‘I mean, I see laptops everywhere but I can’t figure out what everybody’s doing.'” [Marketplace]