The Internet Makes You Creepy

Site Shows You Rich People’s Mansions — and Exposes Their Personal Info

Don't forget to zoom! (Screengrab: Google Maps)

We know the thoughts running through your head upon the first mansion sighting when you arrive in the Hamptons for a weekend retreat: How many square feet is that place? How did the owner get that rich? Would I be able to see the pool via aerial image?

An eerie new site makes stalking the rich a lot easier. MansionMaps plots exquisite estates on a map alongside all kinds of handy information about the properties and their owners, CNet reports. Read More

Feel So High

Together At Last! Uber Will Offer One-Day Helicopter Service to the Hamptons

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 1.27.17 PM

We’ve all been there: You simply must get to the Hamptons for the Fourth, but my God, the traffic. (Let’s not even deign to discuss the LIRR.) Surely there’s some way to rise above such mundane stresses?

Well, good news for anyone who isn’t quite in the position to keep a helicopter pilot on retainer. New York reports that Wednesday, for one day only, UberCHOPPER will shuttle you to a helipad and out to the Hamptons for a mere $3,000. Read More