The Google Buys The Fridge


Last time we talked to Dogpatch Labs-based The Fridge, a private, closed social network incubated at Y Combinator, co-founder Austin Chang was chugging along trying to get The Fridge adopted by classrooms and institutions and trying to hire another engineer; the start-up was pushing updates as recently as last month. But labor in limbo Read More

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Crotch Pic-Tweeting Congressmen Will Appreciate This: SecretSocial Launches


“Social is not another word for public,” says Westchester and Montreal-based SecretSocial, which just launched an app similar to Dogpatch Labs-based The Fridge, allowing for private conversations between individuals or groups that aren’t saved. SecretSocial’s uses Twitter, email and SMS to invite people to the private conversations. Your information is only retained for the length of the conversation, SecretSocial promises, and is never sold to advertisers. We’re sure they’ll figure out some other way to monetize! In the meantime, suspected crotch photo tweeter Rep. Anthony Weiner may want to check this out.

The Start-Up Rundown

Start-Up News: Tech Comedy Fiesta, Aviary API Contest, Hashable Hiring


Your week in New York start-ups starts here.

LOL. The New York Tech Comedy Ball, which promises a 50-50 girl-to-guy ratio and featured tiered pricing to that end, is TONIGHT. Open bar, comedy, “surprise celebrity guests,” sponsor giveaways and a VIP afterparty are in store. Step and repeat! Red carpet experience! 8 p.m., Greenhouse. Hint: Password can be found via Google. Read More