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GroupMe’s Steve Martocci On the Death of Texting, iMessages, and the Founder Fifteen


If you read today’s Wall Street Journal you might come away with the feeling that texting is likely to go the way of the floppy disk. Growth in the number of texts is the most sluggish its been since the aughts became the texting decade. What’s more new messaging services from Apple and Google are likely to erode the numbers even further. But Steve Martocci, co-founder of messaging startup (and SXSW darling) GroupMe, sees no cause for alarm. The reason? Well, the Olds, for one.

“We’ve seen some pretty remarkable trends in texting,” Mr. Martocci told Betabeat. “My friend’s parents who are grandparents are on it. Texting is something that’s being handled well by all generations now. I never thought my mom would become a texter. She still prefers to call, but instead of leaving a voicemail she’ll text–one thing you want to see is the death of voicemail. [Ed note: Agreed!]. She finally migrated off her Blackberry, she got a white iPhone she’s really happy. Any autocorrect fails, yet? “Once she gets her first, I’ll let you know,” Mr. Martocci laughed.

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