Booting Up: Not Even Benedict Cumberbatch’s Fandom Can Save The Fifth Estate From Bombing

Going to bomb. (Photo: Walt Disney)

We live in a world where Google’s whopping third-quarter revenue of $15 billion is considered “satisfactory.” [Forbes]

This year, 40 percent of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile–up from 25 percent in 2012. [TechCrunch]

Hulu made the worst kept secret that former Fox exec Mike Hopkins is its new CEO official yesterday. [The Verge]

Netflix is experimenting with DVD-like extras for its original programs. Get excited for that Orange is the New Black blooper reel! [Engadget]

The Fifth Estate, that riveting moving about Wikileaks, is unlikely to rake in more than $5 million this weekend. “It’s pretty scary at this point,” said one analyst. [Variety]

Movie Time

The Trailer for the Wikileaks Movie Promises Lots of Riveting Computering

There's lots of code cause hackers, get it? (Photo: screencap)

Guess this thing is really happening: Behold, the trailer for The Fifth Estate, the upcoming cinematic take on Wikileaks. It’s heavy on the standing around staring at ~code~ on computer screens and also government types yelling, topped off with a blonde Benedict Cumberbatch doing a not-bad impression of Julian Assange.

Tumblr is, of course, already flooded with GIFs and screencap collages lovingly assembled by Mr. Cumberbatch’s fanatical followers. Can’t wait for the inevitable Sherlock/Wikileaks fanfic crossover:  Read More