No Longer an App for That

News Corp. To Shutter Its iPad Magazine, The Daily, on December 15th

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Rupert Murdoch’s less than two-year-old foray into digital-only publishing has officially come to an end with the news that The Daily, News Corp.’s iPad-only magazine, will cease publication on December 15th. Some of The Daily’s assets and 120 employees will transition over to other News Corp. entities; Jesse Angelo, its editor-in-chief, will serve as the new publisher of the New York Post. Read More


Booting Up: There’s No Such Thing as a Gmail Killer Edition

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Microsoft Outlook now operates in-browser and is apparently a legitimate Gmail competitor? No flipping desks for Steve Ballmer today. [Wired]

Things are not looking good in iPad mag land. The Daily has laid off a 1/3rd of its staff. [AllThingsD]

Kevin Rose did an AMA, just in time for the release of the new Digg. It got less than 1,000 upvotes and apparently he didn’t actually answer any questions. [Reddit]

Two online poker sites are paying millions in damages following fraud and money laundering charges. Guess the government called their bluff. [New York Times]

Times Square will broadcast the Mars landing on one of those gigantic screens. The space geek in us is currently fighting with the person in us who fucking hates Times Square. [NASA]

UBS lost $356 million in the Facebook IPO. Yikes. [The New York Times]

Things to Download

Try the Punch! iPad Mag Does Pop Culture as Game


A cabal of New York media notables has been working on the most secretive editorial product for the iPad since The Daily, and after more than a year in development, it’s out today: Punch!, an “interactive satirical app” styled after a bookshelf lined with games like “Hedge Fund or Organic Farm?” and “Test Your Pop Culture IQ,” is light on substance and heavy on delight. It’s nothing like The Daily, cofounder and creative directory Dany Levy, founder of DailyCandy, told Betabeat.

Every feature, from “Closet Case,” in which you can dress up Rick Santorum like a paper doll, and “Visit the New North Korea,” a theoretical pitch to North Korea’s tourism board, demands swiping. The app has no ads, although its first sponsored content will roll out in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival, which is its first sponsor. Eventually, there will be a fee to download, Ms. Levy said. Read More


Vayniacs Crushed as Gary Vee Retires from Wine Videos

Local oenophile, investor and The Daily contributor Gary Vaynerchuk announced today he’s retiring after five and a half years of producing “the most! passionate! wine program!” on the internet and the one that launched his career as an author and social media expert.

“It was never in the cards for me to spend my entire career being a ‘wine critic,'” he said, marking the title with air quotes. “But wine will always be a massive part of my life … will I come out with a wine brand one day? Maybe.” Read More

Walled Garden

Why So Stingy? Tweets From The Daily Drop Way Off

the daily tweets

One of the big challenges for the iPad only paper launched by News Corp. was that its content lived inside the walled garden of an app, which means it doesn’t get picked up in search results, the biggest driver of traffic alongside social. And now it seems like even the social side of readership is falling off, fast.  Read More


Gary Vee Joins The Daily


Gary Vaynerchuk will contribute to The Daily for a video feature called “The Next Wave.” It’s not about wine; it’s about Twitter!

“Beginning this week, best-selling author and radio host, Gary Vaynerchuk, will be an on-camera contributor for The Daily. In this role, he will offer analysis on the latest developments in business, technology and social media trends,” the iPad app announced today. Read More