Privacy Police

Gmail, Facebook Messages Inch Toward Legal Protection

"How many times have I told you? Always call from an outside line!"

Those of you with a history of sketchy dealings lurking in your Facebook messages and/or Gmail archives are one step closer to search-and-seizure protection.

Last week, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced an amendment that would require the cops to show up with a warrant if they want access to personal data stored in the cloud. And earlier today, reports The Hill, that amendment was officially adopted by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But don’t open up a Gchat conversation with your weed dealer just yet. Read More

Old McDonald Had a Server Farm

The Cloud Is Sucking Up Power in the Pacific Northwest

Facebook's Prineville, Oregon facility. (Photo:

What with all the reduction in paper, it’s easy to think of the cloud as wholly virtual, naught but an abstraction. That might be true as far as your desk goes, but all the bytes that comprise your Facebook photos and Google Docs are stored somewhere: in massive data centers, many of them scattered across the Northwest thanks to cheap power prices and lighter taxes.

However, locals are starting to worry that, as more of these server farms come online, this cottage industry will start monkeying with power prices. And it’s no wonder they’re concerned. The Oregonian reports: Read More

Forecast Cloudy

Here Come Those Cloud Jobs! GramercyOne Expands

The Wolke 7 Cloud 9, a cloud computing-inspired spa concept. (

Yesterday we told you about how the nebulous (or is it cumulus?) cloud computing sector is bringing 60,000 new jobs to New York City, according to one study. Between its nominal shoutout to the neighborhood above the East Village, and its signature service Booker, which started out as SpaBookerGramercyOne truly reps its hometown. The cloud-based startup recently announced a $15 million funding round led by Steve Case’s Revolution Ventures and is hiring for a dozen positions right now, with plans to add another dozen before the end of the year.

This gives us an opportunity to examine exactly what a cloud-based job looks like. GramercyOne makes Booker, a tool for merchants that is used for booking appointments, hotel rooms, whatever, and counts multi-national enterprises like Hilton Worldwide as users as well as boutique spas, fitness centers, salons, medical practices, and other local service businesses. Read More