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There Is an Academic Journal for Adventure Time Research

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Adventure Time, a show about the adventures of a “butt-kicking” human kid Finn and his dog Jake in the algebraic land of Ooo, is beloved by children, stoners, and Netflix bingers alike. Another audience for the show is the Internet’s cultural critics, who have sifted through its themes and characters in a smattering of essays.

Now, those essays have a singular home on the web: the Adventure Time Forum, which bills itself as “the Leading Journal of Adventure Time Research, Commentary, and Analysis.” Read More

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Nerdgawking! A Normal Goes to Reddit Meetup, Comes Up Short on LULZ

myles tanzer

We’re all for innocuous real-life trolling–except when it causes boring blog posts. Awl intern and NYU student Myles Tanzer is not a Redditor, the term used to describe highly active members of the network of variously navel-gazing, lulz-having, marijuana-loving, politics-wonking, prank-plotting, and meme-making forums known for being one of the most positive and genuinely sweet corners of the internet. But he does know one! Her name is Nicole, and she guided him to one of the 160 meetups on Saturday for World Reddit Meetup Day so he could write about the quirky people he met there and get mad page views. Spoiler: Everyone was nice and nothing hurt: