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Mike Daisey Finally Gives the Apology The Media Has Been Waiting For

Mr. Daisey

After a swath of deflection attempts and half-apologies, notorious truth-exaggerator and Apple opponent Mike Daisey has finally issued the genuine apology we’ve all been waiting for.

In an entry posted to his blog yesterday, Mr. Daisey apologized to everyone who ever paid him a modicum of attention, including his audience, theater coworkers, journalists and human rights advocates, for exaggerating the negative details of Apple’s Chinese factory conditions on “This American Life.” Read More

After the Fact

Mike Daisey Will Deconstruct His Agony and Ecstasy: ‘I Will Be Making a Full Accounting of This Work’


On his personal blog yesterday, Mike “The Boy Who Cried Foxconn” Daisey responded to Ira Glass’s public shaming and retraction of excerpts of his monologue that aired on “This American Life.”

“I thought the dead air was a nice touch, and finishing the episode with audio pulled out of context from my performance was masterful,” wrote Mr. Daisey, who seemed to object to being lumped into the same category as James Frey and Stephen Glass.

“Given the tenor of the condemnation, you would think I had concocted an elaborate, fanciful universe filled with furnaces in which babies are burned to make iPhone components, or that I never went to China, never stood outside the gates of Foxconn, never pretended to be a businessman to get inside of factories, never spoke to any workers,” Mr. Daisey wrote with pride. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

At His Last New York Performance, Mike Daisey Wins Crowds Over with Fabricated Tales of Foxconn


Gawker may be on a witch hunt to catalog every lie and half-truth Mike Daisey has ever uttered, but audiences at the final performance of  his one-man show “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” were much more forgiving. In fact, the crowd at yesterday’s matinee performance, Mr. Daisey’s final showing at The Public Theater on Lafayette, gave the second-coming of James Frey a standing ovation.

Ira Glass and Public Radio International retracted its most-listened to segment ever for Mr. Daisey’s willingness to lie to fact-checkers about things like whether he actually encountered underage workers at Foxconn (he did not) or whether a Foxconn worker with a mangled hand compared a finished iPad to “magic” (he neither worked for Foxconn, nor emoted thusly).

But that didn’t seem to deter onlookers: Read More

Agony and Ecstasy

Steve Jobs: The Play Hits New York

agony and ecstasy of steve jobs

Apple fanboys and girls, New York is shaping up to be the city for you. Take your picture with the Cube on Fifth Ave. and then take in a theatrical performance dedicated to the glory of Steve Jobs. Tickets went on sale yesterday for the New York premiere of THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF STEVE JOBS, a “hilarious and harrowing tale of pride, beauty, lust, and industrial design.” It is a monologue.

Creator and performer Mike Daisey “illuminates how the CEO of Apple and his obsessions shape our lives, while sharing stories of his own travels to China to investigate the factories where millions toil to make iPhones and iPods. Daisey’s dangerous journey shines a light on our love affair with our devices and the human cost of creating them.” Read More