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10 Unusual Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs, probably thinking about all the unusual things you don't know about him. (Facebook)

I was standing right next to Steve Jobs in 1989 and it was the closest thing I ever felt to being gay. The guy was incredibly wealthy, good looking enough to get any girl, a nerd super-rockstar who had just convinced my school to buy a bunch of NeXT machines (which, btw, were in fact the best machines to program on at the time) and I just wanted to be him. I wanted to be him ever since I had the Apple II+ as a kid. Ever since I shoplifted Ultima II, Castle Wolfenstein and half a dozen other games that my friends and I would then rip from each other and pretend to be sick so we could stay home and play all day. Read More

The Tao of Steve

The Steve Jobs Play Starting Previews Today Will Keep Its Acid Tongue


It took about a day of beatification after Steve Jobs death before the backlash started in. Well, less than a day in Gawker’s case. But playwright Mike Daisey is betting that the stasis is somewhere in between.

His controversial play, “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” begins previews today at the Public Theater, less than a week after Mr. Jobs’s death. Although some lines in the monologue have been changed to reflect his passing, as MarketWatch reports, it won’t be pulling any punches about what Mr. Daisey describes as Apple’s inhumane manufacturing, based on his trip to the Foxconn plant, the site of multiple worker suicides, in Shenzhen, China. Read More