Awkward Family Thanksgiving? Make Them Sign These Contracts

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Already on your way to another brewing storm of discontent, resentment and old-fashioned emotional Thanksgiving-time mayhem? We get it, families are tough to deal with, and sometimes, a candid and honest conversation about your needs and emotions isn’t enough to prevent a nervous breakdown. No, you may need some backup.

Shake, an app that allows you to easily create legally binding contracts, is releasing a special Holiday Bundle of Thanksgiving-themed contracts to keep your family in line over the next few torturous days. This set of contracts might not be legally binding, but they might be a more effective intervention than sitting Aunt Nora down to tell her she can be a real terror around this time of the year. Read More


Throw Your Money at These Bizarre Thanksgiving Crowfunding Campaigns

Not as innocent as it seems. (Kickstarter)

Thanksgiving is all about remembering the things in life you’re grateful for, and also about eating an ungodly amount of food. But besides all the turkey, stuffing, and sentimental speeches about how much you love your dear, wonderful family, you know what Thanksgiving is also about? Some really weird Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, apparently.

For your entertainment — and perhaps your confusion and disgust, depending on the project — here are some fascinating Thanksgiving-themed crowdfunding campaigns. Read More

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Study: Americans Gear Up for Black Friday by Fapping

What else are they supposed to do on that line? (Photo: Getty)

If your typical reaction to Black Friday mayhem is a highly nuanced and mature jerking-off hand motion, you may actually be onto something. It turns out that the hours between Thanksgiving dinner and the next day’s bout of mall madness are prime yankin’ it time.

PornHub released some interesting statistics yesterday regarding Internet porn consumption. Some highlights: naughty online activity decreased significantly throughout christendom on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year; American porn-watching decreased by about 8 percent on Valentine’s Day this year; and the least popular holiday for porn is New Year’s Eve, which is surprising, because that particular day of the year is usually all about disappointing endings. Read More


Booting Up: 3D Printed Guns Are Coming Edition

(Photo: Instagram, @pinkla16)

Thanksgiving beat out Hurricane Sandy as the most-Instagrammed event ever, solidifying the photo platform as more of a Path-type social network than the future of citizen journalism. [PandoDaily]

The Wiki Weapon Project could be testing its 3D printed guns by end of year. [The Guardian]

Courts continue to wrangle over the legality of collecting texts and data from cell phones to use as evidence. [The New York Times]

Facebook has finally admitted it will soon share the data it collects from your profile with external websites and ad networks. [GigaOm]

Can the Wii U save Nintendo? [The New York Times]

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Rumor Roundup: Celebrating Diwali White House Style and Ben Lerer’s Beer Pong Skills

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In less than a week, you’ll be sitting on your parents’ couch with a belly full of booze and turkey watching shitty cable TV, because ain’t life grand? To tide you over until that wondrous day, we’re back with another batch of juicy rumors. Happy Friday!

Beer Me Storied New York venture capital firm Lerer Ventures knows its target audience. According to a tweet from Scoutmob cofounder Dave Payne, Lerer is hosting a beer pong tournament for some of the companies it has invested in. “just got invited to a beer pong tourney by one of our venture investors,” tweeted Mr. Payne. “that’s hard core @lererventures. well done.”

Competition at the tournament seems like it will be quite fierce. “hope you’ve been practicing,” responded Northeastern student Scott Edelstein. “i’ve seen@benjlerer win with his eyes closed.”

In fact, here’s proof: Read More