Lifeguards Busted For Texting On Duty

Caught! (Photo: WNBC)

Ugh, teenagers. When they’re not endangering their own lives, they’re busy threatening ours.

An NBC 4 New York investigation discovered that lifeguards at the city’s beaches are texting while on duty. Intrepid reporter Jonathan Vigliotti guessed that texting/Snapchatting/Instagramming while on the chair is a “potentially deadly distraction,” so he ventured out to three local beaches to see it for himself. Read More

Sext and the City Jail

No More Dick Pics: Sexting in Kenya Could Land You in Jail

"Baby you look so good at 11 a.m. on this fine Tuesday." (File)

It’s ridiculous enough that in the U.S., teens can face criminal charges just because of their horny text tendencies.

Now, the Kenyan government has taken slut-shaming to a whole new level. In Kenya, grown-ass men and women can now be thrown in jail for up to three months for sexting.

“Sexting or sending obscene messages could land you in prison,” Kenyan daily newspaper The Star reports on its website. “This is according to Christopher Wambua from the communications authority from Kenya.” Read More

App for That

New App ‘Dumbstruck’ Captures Reactions To Your Texts

Dumbstrucks' interface (Facebook)

This week we came across Dumbstruck, a new app that lets you send photo messages to your friends—and then watch videos of their actual reactions. Suddenly there’s a lot more pressure riding on that bikini mirror shot, huh?

Dumbstruck was founded by Michael Tanski and Peter Allegretti at their Albany-based mobile app idea lab, Doctored Apps. It launched at the end of December 2013, and has since attracted tens of thousands of users, according to Joe Masciocco, who heads up strategy for the app. Read More