Dating: The Final Frontier

HowAboutWe’s New Couples’ Messaging App Is Great For Sexting

I sent my boyfriend some preeeeetty racy stuff. (Photo by Jordyn Taylor)

A little over a year ago, singles’ dating site HowAboutWe expanded to include a dating service for couples, their mission to help couples keep the romance alive after they find love. Today, they’re carrying on that mission with the launch of You&Me, a special messaging app for people in relationships.

You and your partner can download You&Me, and then each log on to your shared account. From there, you can send each other a ton of fun media, including written messages, customizable photos, videos, songs, and even Snapchat-esque “secret” images. As you communicate, the app catalogues all your interactions into a series of beautifully designed streams — kind of like a multimedia scrapbook of you and your partners’ relationship. Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

Thanks to Tech, Kids No Longer Need to Learn Spelling, Professor Insists

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

A British professor has suggested that spelling lessons are no longer necessary for students thanks to technology — because he’s not like other dads, he’s a cool dad.

Sugata Mitra is a professor of, believe it or not, educational technology at Newcastle University and he is pretty sure that good grammar used to be necessary but is “not right now,” The Daily Mail reports. Read More

Teen Beat

Teach Your Spoiled Teen About the Undocumented Experience With Text Messages

"I want to lead a country one day for all I know." -- America's teens.

It’s hard for privileged American teenagers to wrap their hormone-addled brains around the struggles of their fellow human beings. And so, the Daily News reports, the youth advocacy group Do Something has created a text messaging game, in a heroic (but possibly quixotic?) attempt to get kids born here in the U.S. to understand what it’s like to be an undocumented immigrant.

Because if a single American teenager picked up a newspaper of his own volition, the world might literally stop turning. Read More

Modern Love

Broken Hearts Can Now Be Mended Via Text Message ^_^


Going to therapy is not only costly, but it’s just so empire. Know what the hip new way to confront your emotional problems is? Texting about them, of course.

Sociologists and psychologists have always argued that in-person communication trumps the digital when it comes to catharsis, but IT World reports that medical professionals are coming around in terms of the positive effects of textual communication.

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