Internet 911

Teen Dies Attempting Risky Stunt for Viral Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (Wikipedia)

A U.K. teen has reportedly become the first fatal victim of the Ice Bucket Challenge, an Internet trend designed to help fight a deadly disease.

Cameron Lancaster, 18, is believed to have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and then jumped feet-first off an 80-foot cliff into the shallow water at an abandoned quarry, the Telegraph reports. His body was found after a four-hour search. Read More

Internet 911

New Jersey Issues Emergency Bulletin Over Idiotic ‘Fire Challenge’ Trend

Dumb. (Twitter)

Good work, teens. Besides saving helpless people from burning buildings, firefighters now have to devote their energy to worrying about your dumb, dangerous social media trend.

The New Jersey Division of Fire Safety recently released a statewide emergency bulletin warning firefighters and fire officials about the “Fire Challenge” craze, wherein teens are covering themselves in flammable liquid, lighting themselves on fire, and then documenting it on social media. Read More

teens these days

Flatiron School Launches ‘Coding Conservatory’ For High Schoolers

Make way for teens. (Facebook)

Calling all teens who aren’t already tech geniuses: the Flatiron School today announced it’s launching a coding conservatory for high school students. Sounds #fancy.

Called Flatiron After School, the new program will teach students 14 to 18 years old about modern programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, a press release stated. It’ll encompass 48 hours of lessons spread out over 12 weeks, and take place at the school’s Wall Street campus at 11 Broadway. Read More


Lifeguards Busted For Texting On Duty

Caught! (Photo: WNBC)

Ugh, teenagers. When they’re not endangering their own lives, they’re busy threatening ours.

An NBC 4 New York investigation discovered that lifeguards at the city’s beaches are texting while on duty. Intrepid reporter Jonathan Vigliotti guessed that texting/Snapchatting/Instagramming while on the chair is a “potentially deadly distraction,” so he ventured out to three local beaches to see it for himself. Read More

Spotty Youths

Bizarre ‘Pregnancy Text’ Campaign Turns Kids’ Phones Into Screaming Babies

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Teens these days! They are so into their smartphones, they don’t even hang out at malls or school dances anymore.

One would think their Snapchat addiction would preclude them from having actual procreative sex, too. But apparently, this isn’t the case. So in its ongoing efforts to reduce teen pregnancy, is hitting teens where they live: on their phones. Read More

Teen Beat

Teen Pushes Apple to Change Its ‘Insulting’ Dictionary Definition of the Word ‘Gay’

Ms. Gorman (WCVB-TV)

If you were to look up 15-year-old Becca Gorman’s face when she saw how the word “gay” was defined on Apple’s online dictionary, it would be dismayed.

The Massachusetts teenager, who is the daughter of two gay parents, was outraged that the one of the meanings listed on her MacBook Pro laptop included the words “foolish (or) stupid.” The example sentence: “making students wait for the light is kind of a gay rule.” Alarmed and “insulted” that it looked like Apple was legitimizing the slang version of the word, she contacted the computer company to change it. Read More

Spotty Youths

Colleges Now Stalking Applicants’ Social Media Profiles to Gauge How Terrible They Are

How else do you expect to find friends like this?

Hey high school seniors, are you stressed enough? College admissions officers sure don’t think so. The New York Times is spreading the word that in addition to scouring your grades, test scores and every move since kindergarten, your dream school’s nosy sentries are probably stalking you on Twitter right this minute.

The Times‘s story starts with an anecdote about a young lady who didn’t get into Bowdoin after she live tweeted an information session, mocking the other attendees all the while. Unbelievably, she used her real name and Bowdoin’s name in the tweets. “It was incredibly unusual and foolish of her to do that,” the school’s dean of admissions, Scott A. Meiklejohn, told the Times. Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Here’s One Theory for Why Facebook Has Lost Some Younger Teens’ Eyeballs

Everything he ever said, ever. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Today on Facebook’s quarterly earnings call, the company admitted for the first time that it might be having the slightest bit of trouble with the younger cohort.

Business Insider reports that on the call, CFO David Ebersam gave investors a little heads up: “Our best announcement on youth usage [is that] among U.S. teens was stable overall from Q2 to Q3 but we did see a decrease in daily users partly among younger teens,” he said, adding that it’s “of questionable  significance,” but “we wanted to share this with you now because we get a lot of questions about teens.” Read More