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12 Startups Vie for VC at Techstars NYC Demo Day

Techies, techies everywhere (Sage Lazzaro).

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of startups these days, but when a company makes it through Techstars, we’re more inclined to pay attention to them

It was a big day for big dreams. Following a three month crash course in tech-business facilitated by Techstars and their team of 170 mentors, 12 startups presented their ideas Read More

Goooood Morning Silicon Alley!

Best Tech Events This Week (ON:Bitcoin, Digital Health, Uncubed, Columbia Women in Business, TimesOpen Hack Day, NYU Hacks)


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Congrats to NYC’s new mayor Bill de Blasio! Will he continue Bloomberg’s legacy as champion of Silicon Alley? A few proposed initiatives give cause for optimism … $150 million for STEM scholarships at CUNY, $100 million in seed money for startups, continued support of NYC tech campus projects, embracing Brooklyn Tech Triangle, and creating an office of talent acquisition and broadband for everyone.

Wanna get your feet wet in native iOS app development? Then you, my friend, wanna enroll in this free beginner workshop: DIY Build an iOS App in 3 hoursRead More

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Everything You Need to Know About New York Tech Day

Disruptive. (Photo: YouTube)

If New York Tech Day event co-founder John Peterson had to summarize his event in one word, it would be “massive.” And it sounds like he’s not exaggerating, given these stats: there will be 400 startups sprawling across 75,000 square feet that will be judged, scrutinized and questioned by nearly 10,000 attendees.

That’s a big jump in space and number of attendees from last year, an excited Mr. Peterson told Betabeat by phone. The event sprouted from an idea conceived by his business partner Alec Hartman, who decided that there should be a business expo designed specifically for startups. “It came to the point we had to do it,” he said. Read More


16 MORE SXSW Parties You Really, Really Don’t Want to Miss!


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

So last week I did this blog post highlighting The 16 SXSW Parties You Really, Really Don’t Want to Miss. And I got a ton of email from you guys & gals saying a) “Thank you, you’re a life saver!” and b) “We want more, more, MOARRR!”

For the hardcore partier, I’ve put together the ULTIMATE Guide to all the SXSW Parties (a whopping 300+ and counting!). Print this out before your trip and you’re golden, my friend. And as you can see, there’re a ton of events that don’t even require a SXSW badge.  Read More

Teach Me How to Startup

Since There Are Incubators Everywhere Else, Why Not Put One in a California Prison?

San Quentin. (Photo: Wikipedia)

So the tech world likes incubators. Indeed, even as new players enter the field, there are signs that the incubator model is bursting at the seams. Y Combinator downsized to less than 50 companies in its most recent class, from 84 last summer. When 500 Startups decided to establish a base in New York, it opted for a coworking space instead of an incubator. TechStars keeps growing, but its most recently announced additions have been abroad or in more narrowly-defined niches. Read More


Booting Up: TechStars Now Has an Outpost in Chicago, Too


Just a day after naming Eugene Chung the successor to David Tisch as New York managing director, TechStars has announced it will buddy up with Excelerate Labs to establish a Chicago foothold. [TechStars]

How safe is Kim Dotcom’s new Internet lockbox, Mega? Good question. [The Verge]

Apple TV will reportedly get HBO Go later this year. [Bloomberg]

In addition to attacks on the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal was also infiltrated by Chinese hackers, and they tried to get into Bloomberg News. At this point, we’re starting to feel left out. [Wall Street Journal]

Hacking attacks by the Chinese have, in fact, become such an issue that President Obama is reportedly considering “a range of actions” to deal with the problem. [AP]

The Real TechStars of New York

TechStars NYC Poaches Eugene Chung, a VC at NEA, to Replace David Tisch

Mr. Chung. (Photo: TechStars)

In December, after reports about an impending downturn in the accelerator boom, some local investors expressed concerns about the future of TechStars New York. Would the next Demo Day be the same parade of oversubscribed startups when much-hyped graduates were still stuck in beta? Were the lessons learned in TechStars enough to prepare companies for life outside the bubble?

David Tisch’s departure as managing director added to that uncertainty. But TechStars CEO and founder David Cohen dismissed those worries, pointing to “heavy inbound interest” in the role. Today, he announced his new hire from the 35 candidates interviewed: Eugene Chung, a former venture capitalist with New Enterprise Associates.  Read More