Blueprint Health, a TechStars Incubator, Opens First Sesh

Blueprint Health, an incubator for health-related startups that closed its funding and opened for applications in the fall, started today with nine companies, just one from New York (Patient Communicator), one from China (iCouch), one from Dubai and the rest from the U.S. The program is three months long and very similar to TechStars, which open sourced its model so that other incubators could be part of the TechStars Network. The incubator also added ten new mentors, reports TechCrunch, including Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures.


TechStars Accelerator to Mentor Other Accelerators


Today TechStars announced the TechStars Network, a sort of accelerator franchise that bestows the TechStars brand upon 17 independently owned accelerators across the world that will replicate the TechStars incubator model.

Boulder-based TechStars just started running its first New York program earlier this month. The TechStars program offers startups $18,000 in seed funding, a program Read More