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NASA Funds Mother of All 3D Printers to Build Equipment in Space

(Photo: Tethers.com)

In news that may not make sense to people who are not rocket scientists, NASA has recently awarded Tethers Unlimited $500,000 to develop a robotic 3D printer that would build huge structures while in orbit, Gigaom reports.

The SpiderFab printer and assembly system would be able to throw together structures more than half a mile wide, Gigaom says.  NASA would densely pack materials into existing spacecraft so that the SpiderFab could assemble it into “extremely large structures that are optimized for the space environment,” Tethers Unlimited CEO Rob Hoyt is quoted as saying. Read More

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Tech Writer Blames Technology For His Son Not Knowing How To Mail a Damn Letter

An envelope.

Filling the news void that is Memorial Day, a ReadWrite contributor doxxed his son by revealing that the little jerk doesn’t know how to correctly fill out an envelope. Lamenting that he has a “smartphone, a tablet and a laptop,” in addition to knowing some “basic coding,” Brian Hall writes that his boy, who is hours away from graduating high school, is missing a basic life skill most of us pick up before entering double digits. Read More


Your Farts Are No Match for New Odor-Eliminating Underwear

Finally free of farts! (Photo: Doest.jp)

If you somehow find it physically impossible to make it through a meeting without cropdusting your coworkers, a company called Seiren has finally developed a solution that will satisfy both your butt and your increasingly frustrated girlfriend. Introducing Deoest, a new product from the Japanese textile company that purports to use “whiff-absorbing ceramic particles in the material fibres” to magically disappear your farts. Read More

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Are You a Woman in Tech Who Likes Fashion? Well, Get Ready to Justify It

Before you buy that bag, consider how you're going to explain it at the office! (Photo: flickr.com/megleo)

Many of the tech-talking ladies of Silicon Valley, like so many women with discretionary income to burn, love fashion. Only, if this New York Times piece–dubbed “Breaking Tech’s Fashion Taboo”–is any indication, they’re not allowed to just enjoy a thing that they like. No, they must justify it.

Let us start by trotting out a truth apparently universally acknowledged, which is that style is suspect among denizens of the West Coast tech scene (or at least style that doesn’t involve the latest fashion in socks): Read More