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Qualcomm Cofounder Showers Cornell Tech With $133M., Gets His Name on a Building

Someday! (Photo: CornellNYC Tech)

Cornell Tech’s coffers are a little fatter this morning. Yesterday, Qualcomm cofounder Irwin Mark Jacobs and his wife Joan announced they’re donating $133 million to the project. And so the joint program designed by Cornell and the Technion (a project within the Roosevelt Island campus, it’ll allow students to earn dual masters degrees) will now be known as the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute.

That’s a useful data point if you’re trying to get your name on a major NYC landmark. Read More

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Cornell’s Tech Campus Poaches UCLA’s Deborah Estrin for Its Technologist Dream Team

(Photo: Asilomarssc.org)

Earlier this week, Betabeat had the privilege of speaking with Deborah Estrin, the first academic faculty member announced for Cornell and Technion’s $2 billion tech campus. (Coming soon-ish to an island near you!) For an institution concerned with spinning out an army of startups based on the latest technological developments, it’s hard to think of a more fitting hire.

Most recently, Ms. Estrin worked as a professor at UCLA, where she founded the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing. She also heads East with a number of accolades, including being named one of the “Brilliant 10” in Popular Science‘s list of elite researchers. This year, Wired included her on a list of “50 People Who Will Change the World” and CNN called her of the “10 Most Powerful Women in Tech.” That last distinction Ms. Estrin shares with her sister, serial entrepreneur Judy Estrin.

Must be something in the genes: Their mother, Dr. Thelma Estrin, is a pioneer in the field of biomedical engineering.  Read More

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Google to Provide CornellNYC Tech with Free Office Space for 5+ Years

Mr. Page and co.

Mayor Bloomberg announced today at Google’s New York headquarters in Chelsea that the company has agreed to provide CornellNYC Tech with 22,000 square feet of free office space while the Roosevelt Island campus is built. The mayor joined Google CEO Larry Page, Cornell President David Skorton and Technion’s director Craig Gotsman at a press conference this morning to make the announcement. The value of the space is over $10 million, said Mr. Page. Read More

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Cornell Plans on Partnering with Other International Universities, Besides Technion, For Roosevelt Island Tech Campus


In an interview with the Cornell Daily Sun, Provost Ken Fuchs revealed plans to make the tech campus on Roosevelt Island, a 50-50 partnership between Cornell University and Israel’s Technion, even more of a “global institute.”

Over the next six months, he said, Cornell plans to start a search to find “at least one university from Europe and as many as two from Asia” to boost the applied sciences program’s prestige abroad. Read More

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Interior Fly Through of Cornell-Technion Campus Makes It Look Like Magic, Basically [VIDEO]


In case the aerial fly over video of what Cornell and the Technion’s gleaming campus on Roosevelt Island will look like from the outside wasn’t enough real estate porn for you, the architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) has released an interior fly over spot today as well.

The description of the animation, which was done by the digital production house AJSNY, is as epic as the images: “In 2012, in the year of the Technion’s cornestone centenary, a third millennium cornerstone is to be laid.”

But before the futuristic beauty inspires you to cryogenically freeze yourself until 2037 (the estimated date of completion for the full 2 million sq. ft. build-out), here’s a dash of realism from Mike Caprio at Startup-o-Rama, “I hearby cynically predict it will be very late, very over budget, & less than 1/2 as green as it appears in the video.” He was talking about the exterior shots, but the point still stands. As the commenters over at Hacker News pointed out about our campus confidential feature, just because you promise more, doesn’t mean it can be delivered, especially not in New York City’s thorny development regulations. Read More

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Stunning Aerial Video of How Cornell-Technion Campus Will Change the Landscape of New York


Screen shot 2011-12-21 at 9.25.57 AM

Betabeat has been drooling over renderings of Cornell-Technion’s gleaming $2 billion campus on Roosevelt Island ever since we first saw the specs in October. At the press conference on Monday announcing the winner of the $100 million grant, Cornell President David Skorton debuted a video flyover of the campus and Curbed has the 30 second spot. Read More

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Safety School? As Stanford Says ‘See Ya!’ Bloomberg Hops in Bed with Big Red

Gleaming the cubes.

On Monday, the lobby of the Weill Cornell Medical College, which resides on a particularly gray stretch of the Upper East Side, was crawling with men and women in wooly blazers dotted with “carnelian” buttons—the technical name for the maroon hue that invariably moves Cornell students to chant some version of “Go Big Red!”

Inside the auditorium, as an assembly of press, pols, and local technorati waited for Mayor Bloomberg to appear, a giant projector flashed a mosaic of the Cornell University logo.

The news had been leaked to every major news outlet by midnight on Sunday; there was no point in being coy. Read More

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New York Times Identifies Anonymous Cornell Alum Who Donated $350 M. Towards the Tech Campus

Mr. Feeney via the Cornell Chronicle

Looks like Sandy Weill will have to be okay with having only two Cornell institutions named after him. The New York Times just outed the Big Red enthusiast responsible for a $350 million anonymous donation towards Cornell and Technion’s proposed applied sciences campus. The individual is 80-year-old Charles F. Feeney who made his billions running the Duty Free Shoppers Group. The donation was made through Atlantic Philanthropies, an organization founded by Mr. Feeney.

Well that explains the duty free joke during today’s presser announcing Cornell and Technion as the winner. Early in the presentation, Technion president Peretz Lavie said he was told on Friday afternoon to buy a ticket for New York. When Betabeat asked whether that meant the decision wasn’t made until Friday (after Stanford dropped out of the race), Mayor Bloomberg quipped: Read More

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Get Ready for a Tech Campus PR Blitz! Starting with Cornell and Technion’s Shmancy Net-Zero Energy Building


After months of public jockeying and lobbying strategic consulting, this Friday marks the final deadline for applications to build a tech campus that will transform New York into the next Silicon Valley. That means you can expect five days of attempts at showstopping revelations from the universities. Think of it like an Advent Calendar, except with building details instead of candies and a chance to build on city-owned land instead of the birth of baby Jesus.

Cornell is first out of gate with its announcement this morning that its proposed tech campus, which it is building in a 50/50 partnership with Israel’s Technion, will feature the “largest net-zero Energy building in eastern United States,” at least according to its PR firm, BerlinRosen. Read More

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Cornell Partners With Israel’s Technion and Unlike Stanford and CCNY, This Collabo’s 50/50

via Belsky Bits

With less than two weeks until the deadline for the RFP, universities are ready to pull out the show-stoppers. Cornell just threw the process (and Betabeat!) for a loop by announcing that it would be partnering with Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in its bid.

Early on, Technion was rumored to be a favorite–along with Cornell and Stanford. Although it all depends on what’s proposed, the prospect of two frontrunners combining their efforts has to set the playing field off-kilter. Suri Kasirer, Cornell’s power lobbyist, and BerlinRosen, its PR firm hired especially for the occasion of the chance to build on city-owned land, certainly know how to make an announcement. Read More