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The New New Tech Writing: Straight Up Penning Poems About Stuff

How much do we love thee, Drew Houston? Let us count the ways. (Photo:

There’s the gadget liveblog, the multimedia-heavy feature and the bloggy, snarky take. But as we near the end of 2012, we may have reached the last possible evolutionary stage of tech writing: just fucking penning some poems about stuff.

Dealbook nailed the approach with shining limericks about business news; Googler Andrey Petrov, whose riling ode to Twitter aptly deemed the company “the Benjamin Button of Startups,” set the bar high for poetic programmers everywhere.┬áNow, prolific TechCrunch scribe Josh Constine has taken the baton. Read More

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The Tech Reporting Equivalent of ‘The Oldest Dog in America’


Around this time last year, Daily Intel got a hold of a leaked staff memo from Jesse Angelo, editor-in-chief of The Daily. The Arab Spring, or rather U.S. audience’s interest in the Arab Spring was winding down a bit and Mr. Angelo wrote, rather flippantly, “Folks, Egypt is over – time for us to get focused on covering America.” He followed that up with the laughable instruction to, “Find me something new, different, exclusive and awesome. Find me the oldest dog in America, or the richest man in South Dakota.”

Well, now it appears some tech reporters in our fair city may be under the same pie-in-the-sky mandate. On A VC yesterday, Mr. Wilson shared an email from a “major media company,” in search of a sexier story than the repetitive, pom-pom-waving fare: Read More