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Uber Finally Admits They’re a Taxi Company, Applies for License in India

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Uber has always dodged taxi regulation with a Silicon Valley pitch that they’re not a taxi company, they’re a “platform” for connecting drivers to riders. Finally, India has gotten them to drop the shtick.

On Wednesday, Uber applied for a license under New Delhi’s Radio Taxi Scheme, according to an Uber blog post published late last night. In order to comply with the local laws, Uber is going to have to add a panic button to their app, have over 200 cars on the road and maintain a 24-hour call center. Read More

Savvy Cabbies

NYC Taxi App ZabKab Allegedly Dodges TLC’s Calls, Launches Without Commission’s Permission

(Photo: ZabKab)

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re on a dark, deserted Manhattan street with no yellow cabs to be seen. Instead of limping on high heels to a busy avenue, drunk with fatigue (or just drunk), you can now hail a cab electronically using ZabKab.

The new app was unveiled today at the August Restaurant in Lower Manhattan, and enables consumers to hail a yellow cab using GPS technology.

At the click of a button, passengers appear on a map as an icon. The apps is free for passengers, while drivers can expect to pay between $9.95 and $14.95 per month. Read More