Class Action

Uber Sued for Unlawful Business Practices in San Francisco


And the lawsuits against Uber just keep coming. The request-a-ride company has faced bureaucratic hurdles in New York and Washington D.C. Now, one month after Chicago taxi and limousine companies filed a class-action suit, a lawyer representing San Francisco tax drivers said has brought a similar complaint against the transportation startup.

According to the recent complaint (reproduced below), the taxi drivers are charging San Francisco-based Uber with operating a transportation company outside of state and local regulatory frameworks, and are seeking temporary and permanent injunctions preventing Uber from utilizing black cars or unlicensed “gypsy” vehicles in San Francisco, Uber’s largest market.

Uber, which markets itself as an “on-demand private driver” on its website, allows users to request a ride by mobile app, then dispatches its nearest participating driver. The company has also faced resistance from regulators in New York after announcing plans to launch its service here. Read More