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What Happens The Day After You Get Funded?

Day after funding grin?

If Betabeat just closed a $350,000 round of funding from folks like Dave McClure, Eric Ries and Esther Dyson, we’re pretty sure we’d spend the next day hungover trying to form our piles of cash into a Scrooge McDuck-like money pool.

Not so Tout founder Tawheed “TK” Kader, whose app attempts to solve the problem of repetitive email. “Its that magical moment right? Its what you’d been waiting for right? The press starts writing about you, the congratulations come flying in. You’ve made it. Right? Wrong.” Read More

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Tout Raises $350 K. from Dave McClure, Eric Ries, Esther Dyson and More; Still Has Foot in NYC

Mr. Kader.

Betabeat first met Tout’s Tawheed Kader–TK, as he’s known–at South By Southwest, where he was pitching an app that takes some of the pain out of repetitive emails. He already had paid subscribers and we heard glowing reviews from people who were using it. But apparently we weren’t the most important contact Mr. Kader made at the festival. He met Dave McClure over dinner and vodka. “The funny thing is, I ended up pitching Tout to just about everyone on that table except for Dave,” Mr. Kader says.

“The only real exchange the two of us had was when Dave stared at my vodka martini with 16 olives (because that’s just how I roll), and asked ‘Hey TK…. howʼs that drink treating you?’ Needless to say, Dave and I connected soon after, and before I knew it, not only was he investing in Tout, but he also convinced me to move out to California for the summer to join the 500 Startups Accelerator program.” Read More