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Rumors & Acquisitions: Public Relations Edition


AS THE TABLE TURNS. How hot is Not hot enough for Talib Kweli, reports a Betabeat tipster. More than 100 people showed up at the party last night for the CMJ music festival, where the rapper was supposed to laptop-DJ along with foursquare’s Naveen Selvadurai, Sterogum’s Amrit Singh and LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Wang.

Mr. Kweli was a no-show; Mr. Selvadurai was also nowhere to be seen. “Furthermore, no one at the event that I spoke to had ever heard of or understood why they were just looking at five people playing songs from a laptop,” our tipster writes. “They were clearly expecting some Talib Kweli turntablism. To make matters worse, their showcase was in between an amazing turntablism set by AraabMuzik and an anticipated set by indie band The Dum Dum Girls, which left the as a head scratcher for people attending CMJ.”

Why would Mr. Kweli, who has shown TT love before, drop out of the mix? Read More

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VIDEO: Talbi Kweli Stop By Office and Gets Special Surprise

talib and turntable

As we reported earlier today, Talib Kweli is the first verified artist, with his own unique avatar. The folks at TT.FM just released a little video of Mr. Kweli visiting their office.

While celebs get the special avatar treatment for free, its easy to see how Turntable could turn this into a revenue stream, selling users the option to create a more accurate digital likeness.

Hopefully nobody owns a patent on the creation of digital faces… Read More

Summer Jamz

Diplo Premiered New Tracks on, the Crowd Went Wild with ‘H8′


Betabeat got the heads up yesterday that Talib Kweli was spinning in impromptu A.M. concert in when investor Chris Sacca tweeted, “Umm, yes. This is really happening” with a link to the System Addict – Idle Warship room.

Since we lasted spotted Mr. Sacca getting his mind blown over magic tricks with co-founder Seth Goldstein, we took him at his tweet. [Avatar] heads started bouncing when Mr. Kweli put on some “H&O,” which we, naturally, take to mean Hall & Oates. (“I Can’t Go For That”? “Rich Girl”? Wait, wait, no, don’t tell us . . . “Maneater”!)

But apparently not all’s brushes with fame have ended so pleasantly in the streaming music/chatroom/chance to DJ service. Take, for example, Paul Miller’s account on This My Next of the time he walked into’s VIPfest room to find Diplo, Gorilla vs. Bear, the founder of Pitchfork, and Carles from Hipster Runoff. “That’s when things got weird.” Read More