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Dorky Vibrating Headset Will Massage Your Screen-Burnt Eyeballs

Hey, boys. (Photo: Osim.com)

If you spend so much time staring at backlit screens all day that your actual, physical eyeballs hurt, it’s time to go outside for a rousing game of kickball. Either that, or you could buy a musical eye-massaging headset to alleviate the pain.

Manufacturers “claim that the vibrating headset can alleviate puffiness, dark circles and the stinging sensations caused by straining your eyes when reading texts and sending emails,” the Daily Mail reports. Read More

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What Are Algorithms up to Today? Fighting Off Fruit Flies

Best without bugs. (Photo: flickr.com/violetmonde)

Algorithms: They’re not just for Amazon recommendations and online dating anymore. The latest application, as per the New Scientist: Battling oriental fruit flies, a species that inspires the cold sweats in anyone who makes his livelihood on a fruit orchard.

These pests are a far more serious threat than the nuisances spawned by slovenly kitchen habits. They infest at least 230 different kinds of crops. The result? Rotten, maggot-infested fruit and crop losses that can add up to billions of dollars.

Luckily, scientists in Taiwan–where the bugs are a persistent problem–are working on a solution: Read More