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Manchester United Puts An End to iPad Selfies By Banning Tablets

Huggable soccer friends. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Manchester United has a novel idea for fans who want to bring their obnoxious iPads to the games: don’t.

The soccer team, ugh club, is banning the use of “large electronic devices” in its stadium because they’ve had enough of those awkward selfies. According to a letter distributed to fans last night, the team specifically calls out iPads and iPads Minis along with any gadget that is larger than 150mm x 100m, so that includes the three people who own a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Read More

In Loco Parentis

Parents Seem Pretty Chill About Letting iPads Raise Their Kids

Dramatization. (Photo: Brutal Gamer)

There’s nothing like the soothing glow of a digital screen to shut your kid up for a few minutes. Parents have known this since the dawn of television.

But now, there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to getting your kid to sit still for longer than three seconds, and it’s called the tablet. Tablet ownership among families has risen at an insane rate–40 percent of families own the devices now, while two years ago, only 8 percent did, according to the New York Times. So if you wondered who was buying all those Kindle Fires, there you go. Read More

the ratings game

TV Execs (And No One Else) Rejoice As Nielsen Adds Metrics for Smartphone and Tablet Viewing

Miss you. (Photo: ABC)

Nielsen, the leader in collecting television ratings data, is going to start measuring peoples’ viewing on smartphones and tablets. The Wall Street Journal scoops that the company is finally adapting to the times by rolling out the ratings metric long desired by media companies, who rely on the service to measure ad rates

The announcement is slated for Read More

Tablet Wars

North Korea’s Most Supreme Tablet Comes Loaded With Angry Birds Ripoff But No Internet


If you were hoping to use your new Samjiyon tablet, manufactured in North Korea, to do typical tablety things like stream video or read the news, then you’re out of luck. Geekosystem reports that the new device, which runs on Android, doesn’t actually include the Internet–strange, since when Google’s Eric Schmidt visited the country it went to such great pains to make its citizens look soooo tech-savvy. Read More


Booting Up: Jeff Bezos Builds a Biodome


Amazon is planning a big biodome at the foot of its new HQ, because Jeff Bezos. [Gizmodo]

More people are using their tablets on planes. Someone actually paid to conduct this study. [USA Today]

Square has expanded to Japan. [The Next Web]

Kim Dotcom says he invented two-factor authentication and Google, Twitter and others are engaging in “massive IP infringement.” [The Verge]

Foursquare now offers more specific search and filter capabilities. [TechCrunch]

This Happened

Today’s Tweens Demand Double Beds So They Can Snuggle With Their Laptops

Kids these days. (Photo: Deep Roots at Home)

Trading in your twin bed for a sleepover-friendly double bed in a childhood rite of passage–one that allows you to stretch out among your pile of big girl CDs, magazines and clothes.

But tweens today may not ever know this meaningful transition, because sales for twin beds are dropping. Instead, kids are demanding double size beds early on so that they can comfortably sprawl out in bed next to their computers. Read More

The Future of the Ebook

Live Fast, Die Young: E-Readers Are On the Decline

Days of yore. (Photo: kodomut

Let’s hope the various e-reader makers gathered their rosebuds while they could, because it seems the heyday of the e-reader is already passing. The Wall Street Journal reports that, according to one market researcher, e-reader shipments dropped 28 percent this year, to 19.9 million from 27.7 million in 2011.

On an anecdotal level, can you think of a single person who requested an e-reader as a holiday gift? Compare that to the number of people who got new phones or tablets. Read More