Booting Up: White House Taps Twitter Legal Director for Chief Privacy Officer

Ms. Wong (Photo: Wikipedia)

The White House has tapped Twitter’s former legal director Nicole Wong for chief privacy officer, a newly created position. Before joining Twitter six months ago, she was at Google where her nickname was “The Decider.” [ReadWrite]

Yahoo reportedly really really wants out of its search deal with Microsoft because it’s killing the company’s revenue. [WSJ]

Betaworks’ first game, Dots, has racked up 1 million downloads in its first week of release. [TechCrunch]

Syria’s government said it’s working to repair the country’s connection to the Internet. Who is faster with customer service: Syria or Time Warner? [CNN]

In an effort to get more people back into its brick-and-mortar stores, Target is rolling out deals on people’s Facebook News Feeds that you can take to the store and redeem. [AdAge]


Syria Is Off the Internet Amid Fighting in Damascus


All 84 of Syria’s IP address blocks have been unreachable since 5:26 a.m., according to the research firm Renesys, effectively wiping the war-torn nation off the face of the Internet. Web traffic bound for Syria, and traffic from Syria to the rest of the world, is at a halt.

The Associated Press cited reports from Syrian activists and internet company Akamai Technologies confirming the outage. Read More