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Tech Elite Avoid Looming BART Strike by Just Sailing to Work Instead

Your new ride to work?

Starting today, thousands of New York’s outer borough residents who work in Manhattan are commuting via ferry instead, because some clever person decided, yeah it’s totally fine to shut down the R train for a good little while, because nobody uses that, right? 

Thankfully, our good friends at Uber—sensing that San Franciscans might be jealous of New Yorkers’ sweet new aquatic ride—are offering Bay Area users a one-day opportunity to ride a swagged-out boat to work (just in time for all that BART strike talk). Read More

Developer Kings

The Perks of Being a Developer

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Forrst sticker swag

On a handout provided at the “How to Hire Developers in a Competitive Market” workshop a few weeks ago, a long list of descriptors attempted to serve up some insight into the psyche of developers. Among the more typical dev stereotypes like “tenacious” and “innovative” were more specific terms, like “sensitive BS detector” and “anti-establishment.” Oddly missing from the list were “Kegerator obsession” and “distaste for donning footwear.”

But we’ll get to that.

Much like unicorns or rent-controlled apartments, software engineers are a rare, fascinating breed. Many are sensitive to sunlight, only wear hoodies and boast a blood composition of 90 percent Mountain Dew. Unencumbered by emotional irrationality, they operate primarily on logic, using highly complicated algorithmic equations to make even the simplest of decisions, like which sushi place to order from. They are obsessive, strange and brilliant, and they make some of the most beloved products in our modern world. Read More


Three’s a Trend: Another Rapper Spits a Line About Tumblr

Childish Gambino, AKA, Donald Glover, AKA, Troy from 'Community', AKA Another Rapper On Tumblr.

Yesterday, we noted that—following in Odd Future’s lead—yet another “hot” rap act has dropped a reference to Tumblr in one of his songs: critical darling (and Kanye West signee) Pusha-T, who used Tumblr as a slag of sorts on another up-and-coming rapper. Well, today, a Tumblr employee notes a track of yet another much-discussed up-and-coming rapper (who also happens to work as a prime-time TV star when he’s not rapping) whose recent track lays down love—or a form of it—for the social network/microblogging platform. Read More

Talent Crunch

Jason Goldberg Is Not Hiding His Devs

Mr. Goldberg. (twitter.com/betashop)

The fast-growing design-centric superdiscount site Fab.com, which executed a double pivot, is up to 90 employees and growing revenue at 33 percent per month, CEO Jason Goldberg told Betabeat. With head hunters poking around all the bigger startups in the city, that’s a lot of employees to hide. But Mr. Goldberg isn’t losing sleep over having his employees poached. “We’re a hot company,” he told Betabeat. “We’re growing really fast. We’ve had a number of companies who are trying to recruit some of  our team members. When someone on my team gets 10 calls from a recruiter a week, we think they should feel flattered.” Read More

The Pollyanna

Why Is Everyone Talking About a Tech Bubble? This Was Supposed to Be a Party


Everyone  in tech keeps griping about this “massive bubble,” but I’ve been thinking: Bubbles are like, little effervescent miracles of water, sudsiness and the breath of life. That sounds awesome! A bubble is a metaphor for a thing that is good, weightless, shiny and carefree, not something for bloggers to moan and groan about. Well, not this blogger!  Read More