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Majority of U.S. Women Prefer Smartphones Over Sex, Should Just Marry Their iPhones Already

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Okay, we’ll admit it: a smartphone is almost as good as a boyfriend. Texting is a perfectly fine substitute for talking, a Snapchat of a penis is not that much less exciting than the real thing, and who needs to fall asleep to the comforting sound of your loved one’s snoring when you can drift off to dreamland guided by your favorite chillwave band? Read More

Survey Says

Just 10 Percent of People Will Buy Google Glass, Many Say It Looks ‘Socially Awkward’

Porn star. (Photo: Valleywag/Scoble)

Since Google has invented Glass, an intricately built face computer that’s only purpose is to display Reddit while showering, it now has to entice the public to buy the dopey devices. If a new survey is to be believed, that’ll be an uphill challenge: Just 10 percent of respondents would wear it on the regular–regardless of how much it costs. Read More

Antisocial Media

So Much for the ‘New Nice': People Online Are Increasingly Dicks to Each Other

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People are increasingly acting like complete assholes to each other online, according to a new study conducted by corporate training firm VitalSmarts. Nearly 80 percent of respondents said they believe people’s rude behavior on social media is getting worse, and that they themselves have “no qualms” about acting like a jerk online.

Meanwhile, 19 percent of survey takers said they have blocked, unsubscribed or unfriended a person after an online argument, while one in five of the 3,000 people who responded said they have reduced IRL contact following an e-brawl. Read More

Survey Says

Survey Finds 36 Percent of Americans Don’t Watch Porn (And Are Total Liars)

Not in Palestine! (Photo:

Everyone watches porn, including those who lie and say they don’t. Sex toy retailer Adam and Eve conducted a survey and discovered that 36 percent of respondents lied denied watching online porn.

The site polled more than 1,000 adults (of legal age, it ensured) for its monthly “Great American Sex Survey,” since there’s nothing more American than answering the essay prompt,  “How do you prefer to watch adult content?” Read More