Booting Up: Communing with Steve Jobs’ Ghost Edition

(Photo: G4)

Larry Page is “hopeful” about the outcome of that antitrust probe into Google. Good for him! [Wall Street Journal]

Speaking of Google, here’s a peak inside its top secret data center. [Wired]

Microsoft has set its Surface tablet price at $499. That’s a lot of money you will never spend on a thing from Microsoft. [Wall Street Journal]

Motherboard talked to Steve Jobs through a psychic medium. Happy Halloween? [Motherboard]

The London Review of Books has a sad about online dating. [LRB]

Fail Whale

Watch Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Freeze in the Middle of a Presentation

(Photo: YouTube)

Most citizens of Startupland have probably been there: You’re about to give a presentation of a slide deck and suddenly Powerpoint won’t open, or you’re in the middle of a demo when your app fails.

Apparently even tech tycoons aren’t immune to glitches. Take this presentation from Microsoft, for example, where an exec goes to demo the new Surface tablet in front of an audience and it freezes. Read More