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Lavish Dotcom Parties Are Back, Baby

Happy birthday. (Photo:

Rumors that Microsoft is about to acquire Yammer for a cool billion dollars or so are zipping fast and furious around the Internet. That sure would be a delightful belated birthday present for Yammer CEO David Sachs, who turned 40 back on May 25. And if Business Insider is correct about the plans for his birthday party, he’ll be celebrating in high style.

According to their source, who is unidentified and God only knows how credible, the festivities will be held at Los Angeles’ Fleur de Lys mansion (worth no less than $125 million). Guests will apparently be required to 18th century costume, which, we’re not even sure where one would acquire such a thing? Snoop Dogg will reportedly be performing (no word whether he’ll also be required to appear in period attire, though.)

Here’s hoping there’ll be a little sing-along: Read More