Don't Call It a Comeback

No Emo! LiveJournal Starts Deleting Some Inactive Accounts Before Its American Comeback Tour

Oh No They Didn't and its disconcertingly clean new interface.

Break out the “Bright Eyes,” over-sharers! LiveJournal, the no. 1 blogging platform of choice for navel-gazers in the early aughts is sending out notices this week that, “LiveJournal is planning to start deleting inactive empty accounts.” A reader who received the email yesterday sent us a copy, but from theĀ  chatter on the site, it seems they’re not the only one.

Don’t dig a digital grave next to your Friendster testimonials and MySpace spam just yet, however. The purge, which LiveJournal has instituted at various times before, looks to be part of a recent attempt to win back American hearts and minds. Read More