Is WeWork About to Open the Largest CoWorking Space IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD?

Too many techies, not enough desk.

Leave it to Observer friend and alum Laura Kusisto to rectify the cold shoulder The Wall Street Journal has been turning toward Silicon Alley’s very own co-working movement with some big news, potentially of the world historical variety.

WeWork has apparently locked down 74,000 sq. ft. on 175 Varick Street near the Holland Tunnel to give techie types a shared space away from home.  It boasts a ridonkulous 700 desks and all the proper startup accountrement: scooters, pool tables, and video games.  Read More


We Need a New Word for Coworking


One night in the summer of 2007, a group of freelancers and entrepreneurs met in a brick-walled coffee shop on St. Marks to toast their untethering. It was the grand opening of CooperBricolage, one of the first coworking collectives in New York City, and everyone in the room was flush-faced and smiling like idiots. Read More