Visiting Dignitaries

After the Moguls Left Sun Valley, Ashton Hosted His Own, Youthier Tech Conference In Demi’s Backyard


Invites to Allen & Company’s prestigious annual, 29-year-old Sun Valley Conference are hard to come by. After all the boutique investment bank’s week-long Idaho summer camp, known as a catalyst for billion dollar deals, plays host to more moguls than entrepreneurs. This year, exceptions were made for a handful of under-30-somethings not named Mark Zuckerberg, such as AirBnb’s Brian Chesky, DropBox’s Drew Houston, and Quora’s Adam D’Angelo. Quora question: How the eff did I get so lucky?

But after the old folks went home, Ashton Kutcher, perhaps the most telegenic face of tech’s new crop of angel investors, decided to host an after-party/alternative conference of sorts in the 40-acre compound he owns with Demi in nearby Hailey, Idaho. This past weekend, Page Six reports, Mr. Kutcher invited a dozen “young tech stars” over, including folks from Foursquare and AirBnb. Read More