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The Pitch Season 2, Finale: 3 Awesome Finalists, But Only 1 Winner


This season SoftBank Capital’s Nikhil Kalghatgi and Lerer Ventures’ Steve Schlafman heard from 10 startups elbowing to snag capital for their budding companies. The founders brought drive and passion to their pitches, but in the end only three could be finalists and only one the winner. Mr. Schlafman and Mr. Kalghatgi narrowed the pool by determining which of the startups had the biggest idea, the largest market to tap into and the most feasible plan. Read More

Demo Day

Demo Day Dispatches: Meet the Latest Batch of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Alums

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 12.40.52 PM

It’s graduation day at the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, and the audience for the demos–heavy on the enterprise offerings, but with a buzzy online dating startup spicing up the proceedings–was the biggest we’ve seen it. Betabeat arrived at the IAC HQ even later than usual and so found ourselves relegated to the standing-room-only section, behind a small mob of dudes with messenger bags.

Sidling up to a table, we almost bumped into the fashionably attired cofounder of Trendalytics, practicing her speech in a mutter and pacing the floor in sky-high nude heels.

Without further ado, the companies: Read More