XXX in Tech

Boink Box is Birchbox for Sex Stuff, Natch

(Photo: Boink Box)

With so many monthly subscription goodies available for everyone from women┬áto men to dogs, it was only a matter of time before the XXX Internet purveyors issued their own version of the subscription model. Say bonjour, mon amour to Boink Box, a new take on subscription ecommerce that’s a little sexier than the traditional lipgloss and eyeshadow fare.

Boink Box, which officially launched about two weeks ago, curates highly-rated, high-quality sex toys from wholesale suppliers and ships them to you monthly in a pretty little box. You can choose to receive products for men, women or both, and every month a box of vibrators, massage oils, glow in the dark body paint or whatever else the Boink Box team finds acceptable will arrive on your door step, ready to be used for sexy time. Read More