Vending Machines in Taxis and Fitting Rooms on the Web Win NYC Next Idea Contest

Margarita Shinder of Ana Lyse Technology

Two crazy, brand new startups each won $17,500 and six months of free office space at the NYC Next Idea competition held yesterday at Columbia University.

Both businesses have big ideas to disrupt already established markets, but in very different ways. TaxiTreats, a New York City two-man four person startup with 18 followers and zero activity on Twitter, wants to put vending machines in taxis.

Stylsize, based out of Queen’s College in Kingston Ontario, uses augmented reality to better guess out of how clothes will fit when shopping online. A quick Google search with any combination of “Stylsize,” “fashion,” “Kingston, Ontario” and “Queen’s College” yields not even a whisper, not even a landing page. Apparently when cofounder Dan McCann told Betabeat Stylsize was operating in secret, he really meant it. Read More