Mad for Maps

Citymaps Wants to Make Maps a Less ‘Lonely, Solitary Experience’

Fun times! (Photo: Citymaps)

At this point, most people are pretty much devoted to their current map app, and odds are that’s probably Google’s. But that’s apparently not enough to dissuade the guys at New York-based Citymaps, which just released a revamped version of its product in iOS form, in an attempt to make maps more social.

“We’re trying to rethink maps and trying to think about what maps are going to be in the future,” CEO Elliot Cohen explained to Betabeat. Read More

Get Money

How to Talk Your Boss Into Your Next Raise: Here Are the NYC Startups With the Highest Average Salaries

(Photo: AngelList)

AngelList, the Facebook for startups, just did NYC job seekers in the tech sector a major solid. Today the company released a graphical breakdown of the average salaries of tech companies, drawn from data collected through its jobs portal, which helps match startups with prospective talent. The information is quite revealing, and much more detailed than what you’d find on a site like GlassDoor. Read More

Fashion Tech

Decoded Fashion Conference Highlights Fashion and Tech’s Tricky Relationship

Tumblr founder David Karp onstage at Decoded Fashion. (Photo: Tumblr fashion director Valentine Uhovski)

It’s far from perfect, but the fashion industry is in a committed relationship with technology. The day-long Decoded Fashion event at Lincoln Center on Monday explored the facets of the fusion of tech and fashion. While the two can get along swimmingly, the fashion industry’s understanding of tech is limited, and technology is (currently) unable to fix some of fashion’s biggest problems.

Comprised of ten panels with three keynotes (including Tumblr’s wunderkind David Karp), the event celebrated technology’s role in the fashion industry, though many panels also addressed the myriad problems that fashion faces with its expansion online in the era of social media. Read More

Style Startups

Stylecaster and Etsy Unite to Bring High Fashion to the Masses


Stylecaster, the community-driven fashion platform, has teamed up with the Internet’s answer to Zooey Deschanel, Etsy, to help bring accessible fashion to the masses. The two NYC-based companies collaborated on a photoshoot near Etsy’s HQ at Dewey’s Candy Store in painfully hip Dumbo. It’s a powerful collision of New York startups and style, so be sure to don your best shades, lest you be blinded by the breathtaking twee-ness of it all. Read More