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Put That iPhone Away Because It’s Making You Look And Act Like Quasimodo


If you think tapping away on your smartphone is making you look cool and popular, you are wrong, science says.

Per some researchers at Harvard Business School, people tend to hunch when they’re using small devices, which increases stress and decreases testosterone levels — affecting the way they act even after the devices have been put away and “causing [users] to be less likely to take risks immediately afterward,” according to the Wall Street Journal.  Read More

Survey Says

If You Want to Make a Dude Jealous, Just Use Emoticons

Naughty smiley. (Photo: Photobucket)

Are you an indiscriminate emoticon user, flinging coy winky faces and lusty kissy smilies at anybody who engages with you online? We’re sure you deploy emoticons all in good fun, but there’s a good chance the men in your life aren’t too happy with your obsessive use of them. In fact, they know exactly what all those emoticons mean: you’re CHEATING, aren’t you? Read More

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iPhone Users Spend More Time on Their Phones, Make the Worst Dates

(Photo: Getty)

Finally, a reason to maybe date an Android user! According to data from Experian Marketing Services, iPhone users spend 26 more minutes on their phones per day than Android owners, clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes of phone use compared to Android users’ 49 minutes.

Despite the devices’ touch-and-go keyboards, a big chunk of that extra time is spent texting: Android users spend just under eight minutes a day texting, while iPhone users spend twice that at 17 minutes. iPhone users must make for absolutely riveting dinner company, then. Read More

Survey Says

Shocking Study Finds Hackers Are ‘Antisocial Man-Children Who Live In Their Parents’ Basements’

A typical hacker. (Photo: Tumblr)

A new study published by a professor at the University of Montreal has yielded earth-shattering conclusions that are sure to rock the public’s fundamental understanding of “hackers.” Largely considered to be clean-shaven, upstanding adults residing in beautifully-kept apartments and boasting impressively high emotional IQs, the study has revealed a seedier side of the hacker persona: Read More

Pony Up

Study We’ve all Been Waiting For Explores the Psychology of Bronies


It’s a question that has plagued us during many sleepless nights: What is a brony, really? We already know that fans of the rainbow-ridden My Little Pony series enjoy attending conventions and having public cybersex on Twitter, but little else has been scientifically revealed about the psychology behind the mystical brony culture…until now. (Cue Law and Order cut music.)

The Daily Dot pointed us to a study done by two researchers named Dr. Patrick Edwards and Dr. Marsha Redden, who conducted a survey in an attempt to classify the personality traits of bronies. Their findings may shock you.

Just kidding, they’re pretty much exactly what you’d expect. Read More